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Tatooine flights are on time at Heathrow Airport on Star Wars Day

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May 4, 2018, 12:25 PM EDT

Only a few months after an Atlanta airport jokingly offered trips to Wakanda on its Twitter, Heathrow Airport in London is getting in on the fake flight fun in honor of Star Wars Day aka May the Fourth. Their festively-themed departures sign has flight info for Tatooine, Hoth, Kamino, Jakku, and the Death Star alongside plenty of detail and their own Easter eggs. That’s commitment.

Take a look:

The official account for the airport teased some of its “new routes” today:

While also putting up some concerningly Imperial images:

Heathrow Airport has yet to respond to inquiries from SYFY WIRE, but someone over there knows their lore. Aside from the Easter eggs mentioned by Tasha Robinson above, there’s also the cancelled flight to Alderaan (RIP) and the flight numbers.

“WOOK1E” for Chewbacca’s home of Kashyyyk, “W1CKET” for the Ewok moon of Endor, and “BB8” for Rey’s sandy Jakku. Kamino, the planet erased from the Jedi databanks, has its flight delayed and Hoth is having a bit of weather. That’s just attention to detail.

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