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Taylor Gray hopes to continue Ezra Bridger's story after Star Wars Rebels

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Mar 30, 2018, 8:09 PM EDT (Updated)

Star Wars Rebels star Taylor Gray knows Dave Filoni left some wiggle room regarding Ezra Bridger's fate at the end of the series, and Gray would be more than happy to shimmy into that space if given the chance.

The Star Wars Rebels series finale may have wrapped up the events of the Ghost crew on Lothal, but experience watching Filoni's work tells us he never really closes a door unless he has to. After all, the creator left us wondering if Ahsoka Tano survived the fight with her former master Anakin Skywalker in the form of Darth Vader, and answered that question in Season 4.

When asked whether Thrawn and Ezra were alive or dead during the Star Wars Rebels series premiere screening, Filoni was cagey, but admitted that he thinks both Ezra and Thrawn survived the Purrgil hyperspace trip hence, wiggle room.

So we were particularly interested in Gray's recent comments to Hidden Remote about Ezra's potential return:

I think it was a great sacrificial ending and it wrapped up the story; Lothal is safe and Ezra became whole as a Jedi and learned the way of the Jedi through selflessness. I have high hopes for him to return – he’s grown into a formidable Jedi and we know he’s out there somewhere amongst the Purrgil in deep space.

How or when or if Ezra returns still remains to be seen. And if it does happen, it's likely to be as part of a larger story, like Ahsoka's story was. Still, it's nice to know Gray is interested, should the occasion arise. Plus, who wouldn't love to see Thrawn again?

(via ComicBook)