Taylor Kitsch is overmatched in action-packed new Battleship clip

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Dec 17, 2012

Taylor Kitsch has already taken on aliens in John Carter, and in the latest clip from Battleship he's at it again—but this time all he has is a glorified lifeboat against an alien gun torrent.

Courtesy of MTV, the clip shows Kitsch leading a tiny assault, zigging and zagging among alien blasts in the ocean battle.

The new alien invasion flick is putting up solid numbers after opening internationally a few weeks ago, and with the U.S. release just a few weeks away on May 18, the studio hopes to up the SFX ante with this latest look at the action.

"You don't know what to expect with Battleship, especially when we team up, [director Peter Berg] and I, you're going to get a lot of laughs, guaranteed," Kitsch said. "And, of course, the action is going to speak for itself. It's huge."

Check out the clip below:

(Via MTV)

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