TCA 17: Fox’s Ghosted crew on why they aren’t trying to be Ghostbusters

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Aug 8, 2017, 3:58 PM EDT

With a series name like Ghosted, most would assume that the sitcom starring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott has aspirations of achieving the combo of supernatural storylines and comedy that the Ghostbusters franchise achieved in its multiple iterations.

That’s not the case according to Scott, who also serves as an executive producer along with Robinson. At today’s Fox Television Critics Association panel, Scott said, “[Ghostbusters] is a completely different thing. We take some inspiration from how great it is, and the comedy used in a grounded approach.”

Executive producer/co-showrunner Tom Gormican added, “We drew inspiration from classic buddy comedies like Beverly Hills Cop and more contemporarily, This is The End.”

“We really want the relationship between Max (Scott) and Leroy (Robinson) to feel real,” Scott continued. “Midnight Run was a touchstone for us. That had moments of drama or was really moving, so it was important for us to have those moments in the Ghosted pilot where they butt heads. We hoped at its best Ghosted would be the baby of Midnight Run and Stranger Things.”


The series revolves around two professionally disgraced strangers, Max and Leroy, who are recruited into the secret government agency known as The Bureau Underground, which investigates supernatural and paranormal incidents in Los Angeles. They help investigate weird cases, with Max as the believer and Leroy as the skeptic.

Asking if the show will lean more into the comedic than the potentially scary, executive producer/co-showrunner Kevin Etten said, “The tone is something we’ve been wrestling with to find the big laughs and the scary moments. In the edit room, we actually cut some of the jokes to keep the tension. It’s something we wrestle with constantly with how silly versus how scary, but always want the truly scary.”

As to how Max and Leroy will evolve in the series, Scott teased, “Max is a fun character because when we meet him in the pilot he’s somewhat a ruined man. He was a astrophysicist and his belief in the paranormal made him a laughing stock. Now he’s working in a bookstore. Slowly in the pilot, he’s on his way to redemption, personally and professionally. We meet these guys at the bottom and will see how they're crawling up through the Bureau. A lot of that for Max is about his missing wife. Was she actually abducted? We will find that out eventually. And for former cop Leroy, there are a lot of questions about why his partner was killed and why he was kicked out of the LAPD.”

Ghosted premieres October 1, 2017 on Fox.

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