TDKR cinematographer slams Avengers 'illogical form of storytelling'

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Dec 17, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises cinematographer is giving The Avengers a thumbs-down. Wally Pfister, who's an Academy Award winner, wasn't impressed with Marvel's superhero mashup.

At a recent Q&A, Pfister was asked, "What's most important in shooting a film?" He responded with an answer sharply criticizing the biggest film of the year.

"I thought The Avengers was an appalling film," he said. "They'd shoot from some odd angle and I'd think, why is the camera there? Oh, I see, because they spent half a million on the set and they have to show it off. It took me completely out of the movie. I was driven bonkers by that illogical form of storytelling."

Aside from The Dark Knight Rises, Pfister shot Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Prestige and Inception, for which he won his Oscar. It's fair to say he knows his stuff, but to call The Avengers appalling seems a bit harsh.

Whedon collaborated with cinematographer Seamus McGarvey on Avengers, and his resume's nothing to sneeze at. He's worked on The Hours, Sahara and Atonement (he received an Oscar nomination) and is set for the new Godzilla.

What do you think? Do you agree with Pfister?

(via Arts Sarasota)