TDKR producer 'cannot imagine a world' in which Nolan would return

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Dec 17, 2012

When The Dark Knight Rises finally soars into theaters on July 20, 2012, it'll be the final crowning achievement in director Christopher Nolan's trilogy of Bat-films. Although the director has often stated TDKR would be his final Batman film, let's admit that we've all held out hope that he would return for more.

Sadly, you can stop holding your breath, because one TDKR producer says it ain't gonna happen—not in this world—putting the proverbial final nail in the Bat-coffin.

In an exclusive SFX Magazine interview (for Issue #224, which will come out in the U.K. on June 27) with producer Emma Thomas, the producer stated that Chris Nolan could never be persuaded to return for a fourth entry in the Dark Knight's story.

"No. Never" was apparently the emphatic response Emma Thomas gave.

When SFX persisted and asked if it was a case of never or never say never again, Thomas added:

"No, that's truly a never. I cannot imagine a world in which he would ever want to come back. At a certain point it's fun to go off and do something different, you know. We've spent almost 10 years of our lives making Batman films. He was very excited about this film, and the story that he'd come up with, but I just cannot imagine that he would get that excited about another version of the same thing. The great thing about a trilogy is that it feels like you've got a beginning, a middle and an end. It's like an extended version of a regular film. Once you get into a fourth film then it's just episodic, and I just can't see him getting excited about making another film where basically you're just wheeling in different villains."

What do you guys think? Do you agree with Emma Thomas's statement that a hypothetical fourth Nolan entry in the Batman franchise would only turn the films into an episodic thingy?

(via SFX)

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