Teacher freaks out 6th graders by showing them Saw, may lose job

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Jun 11, 2013

Well, this is one in-class video those kids won't soon forget.

Remember movie days at school? No matter how crappy the movie was, it was always fun because you weren't doing work, right? Well, not so for a group of sixth graders in Colombes, France, who had the misfortune of having a math teacher who thought it was a good idea to show them the first Saw film one day.

"This will be your first horror film," Jean-Baptiste Clément reportedly said before screening the flick, which features, among other things, a guy sawing off his own foot. 

While some of the kids probably had a lot of fun watching the film, it's understandable that at least a few of the 11-year-olds in the room were a bit freaked out. When the father of one of the students saw his child visibly shaken up when he got home from school, he asked what was wrong and immediately reported the incident to the school.

A disciplinary hearing was held today, and Clément was given a one-day suspension while the school continues to investigate the incident. A representative from the school district said more severe punishment could be coming, depending on the results of their investigation.

What do you think? How far should the school go in punishing a teacher for showing a very, very R-rated film to a group of preteens?

(Via Gawker)


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