Team Arrow on shaping that Constantine crossover, odds for more Hellblazer

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Nov 7, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

John Constantine finally brought his show on the road to Arrow this week, and though the episode felt a bit rushed, the producers behind the crossover are here to break down all the big reveals.

First off: This episode was cram-packed, and not exactly in the best way. Arrow already had to balance Matt Ryan’s schedule with a stage show commitment (they actually flipped production on Episodes 4 and 5 to fit him in), and that bum rush approach really showed around the seams. The pacing was arguably too fast, and the editing felt choppy. I’m not typically a fan of slowing things down, but this arc could’ve benefited from being fleshed out across a two-parter.

But, rushed or not, it still featured the Hellblazer himself — cancellation be damned!

Moving onto the episode, co-showrunner Wendy Mericle and executive producer Marc Guggenheim were hitting the interview circuit to decompress from the huge pile of action. Mericle touched on the synergy Constantine represented, as they needed a cool way to bring Sara back into the fold for her role in Legends of Tomorrow — and what’s cooler than Constantine? As for the larger mythology of the series itself, Guggenheim said Constantine also gave them a powerful tool to introduce some exposition about the island itself being an evil place.

Check out some excerpts from their comments below:

Mericle: “We love to have other DC Arrow Constantine characters cross into our universe, as you know, but we always want to do it in a way that’s true to our characters. And when we were talking about bring Sara back — it’s been a pretty open secret that she had to come back, to go over to Legends of Tomorrow — we wanted to do it in the most interesting and dynamic way. We needed someone to bring her soul back, Constantine was our top choice of the characters in the DC universe that could do that, and we were lucky enough to get Matt Ryan, who was actually available…

Guggenheim: “‘Haunted’ allowed us to also get out a bit of exposition about the island. It’s very subtle, it’s buried in there, but it’s really, really important. By having Constantine in the flashbacks we actually had a character who could get out an important piece of exposition about the nature of the island that does explain why the events that we’ve been seeing on the island have been transpiring. It was all just everything very organically all coming into place.”

So, what are the odds we’ll see Constantine make a return trip to Star City (or show up in a fresh flashback)? Don’t hold your breath. Guggenheim said there are “no plans” for more Constantine, as this event was always conceived as a “one-off.” Le sigh.

But give it a season or two, and who knows? Constantine is a popular character, and there’s always a chance they could build a narrative around him. Just remember it wasn’t so long ago The CW said there were “no plans” for another DC series, and now we have Legends hitting next year. So you never know.

What’d you think of the Constantine crossover? Did it work for you?


(Via Deadline, TV Line)

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