Tech company Hyperkin is bringing you a revamped 'Ultra' Game Boy this year

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Jan 19, 2021, 2:12 PM EST (Updated)

Retro gaming consoles already have a massive presence in the tech world, as the unbelievable demand for things like the NES Classic and the SNES Classic has proven. It's a little hard to imagine a world in which Nintendo doesn't one day roll out a "classic" release of Game Boy, the king of the handheld gaming world for decades. While rumors of a "Game Boy Classic" have been around for a while, though, another company might beat Nintendo to the punch.

Hyperkin, a company well-versed in making peripherals and replacement parts (including various Game Boy accessories) for gamers, just rolled out what they're calling the "Ultra Game Boy" at the Consumer Electronics Show. Though it might not ultimately be called that (it's being produced independently from Nintendo), it looks to be a sleek, sturdy device that'll finally allow you to break out your old Pokemon Red and Super Mario Land cartridges again.

According to Gizmodo, the device features all of the classic Game Boy controls that you remember, but with a few upgrades. Rather than plastic, it's made from aluminum, so you're much less likely to have a device with shattered corners from dropping it all the time. It also adds an LCD backlight to the screen with an adjustable color spectrum, which can also be turned off for a more classic sense of Game Boy play. 

Then there's the sound system, which will include stereo speakers and two audio-out connections, reportedly as part of an effort to help electronic musicians generate high-quality songs from the device (yeah, people actually do that). It will also feature a six-hour battery life and a USB port for charging. Basically, this thing sounds like it'll be the Cadillac of Game Boys. The one thing it won't include -- unlike the NES Classic -- is built-in games. So you're either going to have to search your attic for your old cartridges or hit up the internet to track them back down. 

Hyperkin is reportedly aiming to have their Ultra Game Boy out sometime this summer, for a price of less than $100. So, start saving your money now. We've reached out to Hyperkin for more details and we'll update as we learn more.