12 Golden Era magazine covers starring comics' brightest stars

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Dec 17, 2012

Hi-tech fatigue got you feeling nostalgic? Kick back in the La-Z-Boy with some Tang and these dog-eared retro magazine covers splashed with the mighty men and women of the Marvel and DC Universe. Indulge yourself. The iPad will forgive you.

Pop artist Des Taylor treats us to a glimpse of yesteryear with the fictitious post-war magazine Live and some sensational superhero profiles from the Golden Age of national periodicals like Look and Life. In his groovy world, these cool crimefighters and their main squeezes truly share our daily planet, and our feverish tabloid fascination with their lives and loves are prime front-page material.

Lovely ladies like Black Canary, Lois Lane and Sue Storm strike pinup poses while Superman grins in front of McDonald's iconic arches alongside All-American covers of Green Lantern, Batman and the Boy Wonder. The '60s and '70s were never so glam.

Taylor will bring his original pop art to London's Kapow! Comic Con later this month.

via io9