Teen Titans Go! producers on Night Begins to Shine event and endless holidays

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Jan 8, 2019, 11:00 AM EST (Updated)

If you’ve been watching Teen Titans Go! closely this season, then you may have noticed it leaning towards a more festive year. To date, there have been four holiday episodes of TTG this season, covering Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Beast Boy’s (and technically, Starfire’s) birthday and even the fringe ones like Daylight Savings. Easter is on deck with the episode “Easter Creeps,” set to air on April 14. So the Teen Titans Go! executive producers, Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic and Peter Rida Michail, explained to us what’s up with all of these holiday episodes and even spilled the beans on this year’s Thanksgiving episode, due out in the fall.

But first, the producers told me about an upcoming four-part Cyborg vision quest event to begin later in Season 4 called “The Night Begins to Shine.” Longtime viewers will recall this is a callback to when Cyborg visited the 1980s mashup land of dystopian worlds full of wolves, flying pegasuses, and synth music in the fan-favorite episode “40%, 40%, 20%.” The title refers to Cyborg’s favorite song, which is written 40 percent by drummer Carl Burnett, 40 percent by guitarist Franklin Enea and 20 percent by keyboardist William J. Reagan.

Amidst a cavalcade of ’80s pop culture references like Transformers, Karate Kid and much more, the Teen Titans used the power of music to defeat The Brain. It is one of the most popular episodes of the series and is so good that even haters like the episode. Cyborg will get pulled into that world again and will need to rely on the music of Cee-Lo and Fallout Boy, who both guest-star, to help save him.

Check out the video as the Teen Titans Go! streak towards their 200th episode!

Teen Titans Go! cast and crew talk about no end in sight for holiday episodes and a big return to the Night Begins to Shine world.

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