Teen Wolf at Comic-Con: Showrunner says series is going to 'darker places'

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Jul 11, 2015, 2:20 PM EDT (Updated)

With Season 5 underway and Season 6 already announced, the cast and showrunner of Teen Wolf were ready to talk at Comic-Con.

Stars Tyler Posey (Scott), Dylan Sprayberry (Liam) and Cody Christian (Theo), along with creator/showrunner Jeff Davis, were on hand to discuss the MTV series' already-in-progress fifth season, which has aired three episodes so far (the fourth segment of this season's 20 -- which are being split into two 10-show mini-seasons -- airs this Monday, July 13).

Posey was asked what he would change if he could alter one thing about his character: "The first thing that comes to mind would be not to get bit by a werewolf, but he's learned so much about himself that I don't think I would change that ... maybe if he could be a little quicker on running through the door to save his ex-girlfriend who got killed."

With the cast soon moving into post-high-school life, Posey was asked how that might change the show. "It such an interesting topic to deal with, because the high school itself is a character," mused the actor. "It's really such a vital part of the show. It's been around since the first episode. We could just carry it on into college, Scott has a lot of aspirations to go to a really good college, but I think it's really cool to see what Beacon Hills and Teen Wolf will be like without a high-school aspect."

Actor Cody Christian, who plays the new character Theo, seemed flattered when told that Davis referred to the character as Teen Wolf's Joffrey (the late, hated boy king from Game of Thrones). "It's an honor," he said. "I feel like the opportunity I've gotten already being on the show and this meaty character that I've been given already has so much substance. Theo has everywhere to go this season, and playing a character like that is just an incredible experience."

But what about the big question: Is Theo a werewolf? Christian starts to hedge but then comes clean: "Well, we've already seen him with fangs ... we saw it and it is what it is. I think he's full werewolf."

Showrunner Jeff Davis, meanwhile, shared some thoughts about the season airing now, calling it "complicated" and admitting that splitting the season into two halves has been a challenge. "It's been new for us," he acknowledged, "But it's also nice to have a different structure. It's allowed us to take the characters to places I don't think we've taken them before. Darker places, definitely. 

"We have some big twists and turns coming up that sort of split the characters apart," he continued. "For Scott especially, we're calling it the season of failure of leadership. He's been a pretty good leader so far, he's learned a lot, but eventually he has to learn how to fail."

Davis also addressed his tendency to have each season of Teen Wolf tell one story with a definite ending, rather than leaving things on a season-ending cliffhanger. "We've had a few cliffhangers, but I like telling a complete story," he said. "I think it's very satisfying. You can see that story as one book in a series of books, essentially ... I mean, we have plenty of questions that still linger, but the storyline is wrapped up in a hopefully satisfying way."

We won't find out about that for a while: The first half of Teen Wolf's fifth season ends in late August, but the start date for the back 10 has yet to be confirmed.