Teen Batman, NSFW Wonder Woman, Xavier's scalp and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments is a virtual meet-and-greet fiesta! Inside you'll shake hands with the teen Batman that never was, the cast of Terra Nova, potential Dark Knight actresses, a new kind of Wonder Woman, Jewel Staite and Professor X's squeaky-clean scalp. Enjoy!

Our story: Gotham High: The teen Batman TV show that almost happened

Your best comment: Yeah, you have to look at this as a riff on the Batman theme, not as a retcon. It's cute and kid-friendly and with the right writing team might have had a chance. Maybe this unofficial trial balloon will give it a green light in the near future. — DarkHawke

Our story: See how Han Solo (really!) made stealth appearances in Firefly

Your best comment: Mal was the better smuggler by far, but the Falcon was way better than Serentity. Throw Jayne and Zoey on the turret guns and give wash the pilot seat and watchem run circles around the Blue Hand Empire. — w0lmf4n

Our story: Meet Terra Nova's time-traveling cast in 13 prehistoric new pics

Your best comment: I guess no matter how far we go into the future or the past, humans will still shop at the gap. — bill

Our story: Meet the 6 actresses who hope to star in The Dark Knight Rises

Your best comment: Surprised Stana Katic (Castle) hasn't made the shortlist. She is talented, can pull off accents remarkably, has that exotic look and has done the voice for Talia in the new game. Hmmm, nevermind... Guess her schedule doesn't help. — terri

Our story: NSFW video shows why you wouldn't want to date Wonder Woman

Your best comment: I do not approve of such foul language or juvenile humor. Shame on you, Blastr. Shame on you for showing things that are clearly funny but allow me to act righteously indignant about. — terri

Our story: 11 new Game of Thrones pics will make you want to see it NOW

Your best comment: the books are a MUST read. Some of the best I have ever read. They make Lord of the Rings look like two kids having a pillow fight. This show should be amazingly awesome. Check out the books. If you google "top ten fantasy novels of all time", you will find Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Wheel of Time, consistantly in the top 5 of every list. Enjoy the books! — anachronite

Our story: Here's our MEGA movie preview of 2011's 55 hottest trailers

Your best comment: Sucker Punch looks so friggin' awesome that it makes up for how terrible Green Lantern looks. — rojocinco

Our story: 10 steps that defined every X-Files episode (slightly NSFW)

Your best comment: X-files was awesome. I watched and recorded every episode with this thing that was called a "VCR". I would pause it at the commercials so I had commercial free viewing later. I still have all those tapes, but nothing to play them on. One day I'll burn the big bucks for the DVD set. As far as the second movie, I loved it. It was like a 2 hour version of a regular episode. I like that it wasn't about the oil and all that. I always liked the individual one episode stories over the bigger multi episode plotlines. I like Fringe as well, and I don't bother with comparing them. — JasonJ

Our story: Why destroying the second Death Star wasn't a good idea after all

Your best comment: So THAT'S how Thundarr the Barbarian fits into Star Wars... Runaway planet (Death Star) hurtles throught space causing cosmic destruction... Ewoks evolve into Mocks... Lightsabers become sunswords... It all makes sense now. — Darth Rumble

Our story: Jewel Staite: Why watching Serenity makes me cry like a baby

Your best comment: Don't worry, Jewel, I cried all the way through Serenity the first time I saw it and still do sometimes. And my love has been rewarded: I'm teaching a class on Firefly next term! — RobinInSeoul

Our story: The most unexpectedly awesome lightsaber battle you'll see today

Your best comment: Nice twist, and a well done story. It's an excellent demonstration of fight choreography, which is clearly shot, and the movements of the combatants, are easy for the audience to view, and comprehend. There are no cheats here, unlike most Hollywood movie, especially the Batman films. These two gentlemen are obviously both martial artists--a plus, and adding to that, is the well done special effects. This is a great calling card for everyone involved. They all have a great future in the business. Additonally, I must mention the director, well done. If there were any slip-ups I would have hit you with them, but I can't. Again, bravo to all involved. — Ubder Critic

Our story: X-Men: First Class trailer reveals why Professor X went bald

Your best comment: If these details are to be believed, it sounds like we're in for a fun time with the new X-Men movie. The fate of the Professor's hair is at the bottom of my wish list, however. At this point, I'm resigned to the fact that the movie continuity will diverge significantly from the comics. Maybe Xavier doesn't lose his hair in the movies. Maybe he just shaves it because he thinks it makes him look brainier. — nohater