Teen builds working death ray that can BOIL concrete

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Dec 14, 2012

What do you get when you take a bored teenager, a satellite dish and 5,800 mirror tiles? You get Eric Jacqmain and his first homemade working death ray.

Think we're kidding? See for yourself, below. Jacqmain claims his contraption can focus the power of 5,000 suns. He might be exaggerating. Then again, he might not.

Everything about Jacqmain's video demonstration is completely awesome and absolutely terrifying. The 19-year-old Indianan shows the 1-centimeter-wide beam of light obliterating whatever objects he has at hand—and there are many. We can only be grateful that he couldn't locate an annoying younger sibling before the cameras rolled. Plus, it's portable, so even if you run from the death ray, you can't hide.

Sadly (and happily), the death ray was damaged in a shed fire. Happily (and frighteningly), Jacqmain is planning his second homemade working death ray. Only this one will have 32,000 mirror tiles. (Based on Jacqmain's math, it should have something like the power of 35,000 suns.)

The Daily Mail wrote, "While many teenagers are content to sit at home playing computer games, this one has set his sights on something a little more ambitious."

Let's hope his ambitions are restricted to "use my powers for good" and not "total world domination."

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