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Nov 19, 2007

USA Today has a great article online about a tour of Teller's (of Penn and Teller) house. I got a kick out of it, and especially out of the accompanying pictures.

In one picture you can see him standing next to his bookcase; the shot is really of him pondering a full-size coffin with a skeleton in it, but the books caught my eye more. Among them are a book by Alan Turing and another on the genome. I've talked with Teller a few times, and he is beyond doubt a very intelligent man.

Cool trivia: Teller is not short. He is my height, about 5'10". It's just that Penn is so freaking big that Teller looks short.

I've never been to Teller's house, though I'd love to go sometime. From the pictures I think it reflects him the same way Penn's house reflects Penn. The contrast between the two is pretty funny.

Tip o' the top hat to Facta Sunt Facta.

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