Teller of Penn & Teller wants to possess The Exorcist on stage

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Dec 15, 2012

Raymond Teller, the quieter—er, silent—half of Penn & Teller, is no stranger to stage shows. He co-wrote and directed the off-Broadway play Play Dead last year, but now he's turning his magical expertise to another theatrical project: imbuing an upcoming Broadway production of The Exorcist with illusions.

The stage adaptation, written by Agnes of God author John Pielmeier, was announced in May for a summer 2012 premiere, and now Teller's involvement is confirmed by a press release from his reps letting the public know that the only reason Penn & Teller aren't working together right now is that Teller is doing this play and Penn is doing Celebrity Apprentice.
Rather than making the play all about spinning heads and spider walks, the play will "focus on psychological aspects and questions of faith," but according to Ken Novice, manager of the Geffen Playhouse, where the production will premiere, it will still be a fun show to watch.
"I think it's going to be more powerful than green pudding and spinning heads. Not that the show will be without some kind of theatrical effects. It's still going to be very interesting to look at. There will be a spectacle to it, but we don't want people coming in and expecting the movie."
No word on what Teller's official role in the production will be, but it's a safe bet that his expertise in magical technique will come into play when it comes time to deliver the scares.
(Via Bleeding Cool)

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