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Telltale hopeful to finish The Walking Dead game with new partner on project

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Sep 25, 2018

Late last week, video game fans, and especially fans of the narrative, story-based gaming Telltale Games did so well, received the shocking news that the six year old and wildly popular gaming company would be abruptly shuttering, with the bulk of it's employees let go that very same day, and about 25 staying on as a skeleton crew to wrap things up.

This meant a few things for favorite titles. For one, it meant the Stranger Things game they had planned with Netflix was now in jeopardy, but, perhaps most closely tied to Telltale was their breakout Walking Dead game series, which as of last Friday was in it's fourth and final iteration, with one of four titles of the final series already released, one due out tomorrow, September 25, and two now in limbo. 

Even the voice actors involved with the series were unsure of how the series would proceed, with voice actress Melissa Hutchison, who had played the game's main character Clementine from the beginning, tweeting that she expected the second episode to come out as planned, but the final two were unlikely to ever see the light of day. 

Well, all that has changed with the latest news from Telltale. A much more hopeful projection for the future of the series has emerged late today on the company's official Twitter account: 

Nothing is for certain, of course, but the fact that "multiple potential partners" have steped up is enough to give fans (and at least some of those who support themselves by working on these games) quite a bit of hope that at least one of those partnerships will pan out, and the 16 game series will end as it was orginally designed to.

Earlier, we learned that the Stranger Things game is destined to go forward as well, though seemingly without any input from Telltale. Netflix has announced that it too will be in the market for a new partner. 

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