Ten of 2016's priciest collectibles

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May 4, 2017, 12:12 PM EDT (Updated)

It's an age-old question: What do you get someone who has everything?

The answer is, nothing! You let them spend their vast fortune on whatever tickles their collecting fancy. 

This past year saw many fancies tickled as many one-of-a-kind pieces fetched ridiculously high prices. Iconic original comic and movie poster art, as well as Golden Age comic books, continue to attract the deep-pocketed collector/investor. But you don't have to be a millionaire to have found cool stuff to add to your collection. More and more companies are producing  limited-edition statues and even jewelry to meet demand. Because let's face it. Geeks like stuff and we're more than willing to pay for said stuff. 

This list, unlike our Top Collectibles post, has no cap on prices. This is pure window-shopping eye candy, so those predisposed to sticker shock may want to get their doctor's approval before perusing the price tags below. Enjoy, and drop us a note in the comments about which one ranks high on your wish list!

Frank Frazetta's At Earth's Core painting

Frank Frazetta At Earth's Core Painting - $1.075 million

This painting set a world record for the sale of a Frazetta painting, and unless the "Death Dealer" painting ever goes on the auction block, this record may last a while. There had been some talk in art collecting circles that the Frazetta market may be softening after The Doc Dave Frazetta Collection auction in December 2015, but clearly that isn't the case. It doesn't hurt that this is a legendary piece. It was the cover to the first Pellucidar novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1974, considered Frazetta'a peak period.  

John Alvin's original painting for the E.T. movie poster

E.T. The Extraterrestrial Original Movie Poster Art - $394,000

The original acrylic illustration art to one of the most memorable movie posters of all time, this painting by legendary artist John Alvin predictably went for sky-high dollars. I'm dying to know who won this auction. It's very likely a wealthy private collector scooped it up, or perhaps a certain film director with a link to this movie who brought E.T. back home??

Wonder Woman #1 CGC 9.0, which sold for $291k on

Wonder Woman #1 CGC 9.0 - $291,100 

Vintage comics remain one of the best investments you can make, if you pick the right books. Something tells me the first issue of Wonder Woman is a solid investment choice. The auction house Comic Connect set a record for this book when this CGC 9.0 copy hammered at $291k recently. The comic also came with some early promo materials sent by DC (then All-American) Comics to Harper's Magazine to publicize the groundbreaking issue. As  excitement builds for this summer's Wonder Woman film, expect prices for the Amazon Warrior's early Golden Age appearances to keep rising. 


Steve Ditko's original art splash page for Amazing Spider-Man #27

Steve Ditko Amazing Spider-Man #27 Splash Page - $239,000

Steve Ditko's original  art pages featuring Spider-Man are some of the most sought-after in the comic art community. For one, he only drew 38 issues of Spidey. Second, a lot of his original art either vanished, was given away or destroyed, or flat-out stolen (depending on who you believe) back during a time when few people placed any value on the original artwork used to make comics. So when a classic Silver Age example of Ditko Spider-Man hits the auction block, the heavy hitters break out their checkbooks. This fantastic splash page, featuring the Green Goblin, Spidey and the Crimemaster, had been locked away for decades in what original art folks call a "Black Hole" collection until Heritage Auctions uncovered it. Even at the steep price of $239,000, it may be a bargain for a true Grail piece. 


Nissan Rogue Rogue One Limited Edition

2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Special Edition -$28,500

It's not often a new car is considered a collectible, but when it's Star Wars branded, you can bet your Vaporators it is. Nissan's Rogue limited edition is technically a 2017 model, but it was available for pre-order in December so it makes the cut. The Star Wars details are (thankfully) very low key. A few branded plates inside, illuminated  kick plates and branded floor mats, along with a rear number with the Star Wars logo...and a limited edition badge on the door to let people know, "Hey, my ride is special!" And since only 5,000 of these vehicles are being made, it really is. Good luck trying to get on the wait list. 


Superman 1948 Movie Serial Poster - $20K

Now here's a true rarity. This advance one-Sheer poster promoting the Superman black and white movie serials from the late '40s is the only one Heritage Auctions has ever had. The only one! The demand for vintage Superman merchandise remains more powerful than a ...well, you know. 


Game of Thrones pinball machine by Stern

Game Of Thrones Pinball Machine - $6K & Up

One of the stranger merchandise plays HBO has done with its Westeros cash cow, these Game Of Thrones pinball machines by Stern are nevertheless AMAZING. . Each player can choose to be a Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Martell, or Tyrell family House, and pick other Houses to battle. And The Hound is the guide through the game! There are different types of machines, each with different types of special features to justify the higher prices. But all three come with an LED- lit dragon that flies and breathes fire. We can only hope one unlocked achievement has Tyrion saying, "I know how this game is played."


Admiral Kirk Wrath of Khan uniform jacket by Anovos

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan Admiral Kirk Uniform Jacket - $2,100

Whether you want to really up your Cosplay game or just want a spiffy new jacket for a hot date, this Admiral Kirk uniform reproduction from Anovos is what you need. This jacket from the company's Premier Line was reverse engineered from an actual screen-used jacket from the film to satisfy even the most discerning Trekker. The crazy price tag almost seems worth it, just to be able to do the whole "unstrap the lapel" thing Kirk did. LIKE A BOSS.  


Iron Man Life-Size statue by Section 9

Captain America: Civil War Iron Man Life-Size Statue - $5,197

If you can only have one life-sized statue in your home, let it be this one. This massive piece from Section 9 stands 76 inches tall and is so big, it's shipped in four separate boxes that weigh more than 200 lbs. It features 28 LED lights and is an exact replica of the suit in which Tony Stark got the crap beat out of him by Cap and The Winter Soldier. Another plus: the Mark XLVI armor looks to also be in play in Spider-Man: Homecoming


Pokemon Pikachu solitaire ring

Pokémon Pikachu 18k Gold Solitaire Ring - $1,300 & up

When you carry enough to give the very best, you don't go to Jared. You get a Pikachu Solitaire ring by U-Treasure by K. Uno, a made-to-order jewelry company. They have various offerings including an 18-karat gold and silver ring. The one with a cubic zirconia goes for around $1,300 at the company's eBay store. But if you're going to go the Pikachu ring route, I suggest upgrading to a real diamond just to ensure the mood isn't ruined.