Tennant and Smith team up in 1st official poster for Who's 50th-anniversary ep

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Sep 11, 2013

Now that the title of Doctor Who's 50th-anniversary episode has finally been revealed, we can actually start getting idea of what it'll look like.

Still sulking over the lack of a trailer for the Who 50th? We understand, but, thankfully, there's been a rather important piece of art revealed that can sate the appetite while we wait for the BBC to finally give us some proper footage.

The poster for The Day of the Doctor features the three Doctors (which we expected), some exploding Daleks and a very specific reference that is loaded with meaning. Here it is!

Yup -- Bad Wolf. Which, really, makes a lot of sense, since Rose Tyler will be around. Maybe she's got a bit of that old time vortex magic still in her. Oh, and is that an exploding TARDIS in the background as well? Why, yes, we believe it is. Oh dear.

(via Blogtor Who)

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