David Tennant teases Who's 50th: "I've still got my costume!"

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Dec 17, 2012

You know when an actor isn't supposed to confirm that they're making an appearance, but then they say something that makes it so obvious they totally are that they may as well have just said it outright? Ladies and gentlemen, dare we say it? Why, of course David Tennant will be back for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary!

Tennant was on G4 promoting his latest project when he was, unsurprisingly, asked about the 50th anniversary. Will he be back? Might he say yes if offered? Oh, ho! So original, Tennant guffawed. Never been asked that one before. But then, friends, then! Well, just watch for yourselves.

Asked about his famous pinstripe suit, Tennant confessed, "I have it in a very secure location ... I have one of everything that I wore."

Come on!

Then, when the interviewer said he'd take that as a yes, Tennant practically yelled, "I'm not confirming or denying anything!"

Folks, the man could barely keep eye contact the whole way through. The telltale signs are there. Go back and watch again if you have your doubts.

David Tennant will be back for the 50th. Believe it.

(via Doctor Who TV)