Wild new trailer proves original Total Recall's still mind-blowing

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Dec 17, 2012

With all the buzz surrounding the upcoming Total Recall reboot, it's easy to forget how awesome Paul Verhoeven's original really was. So if you need a reminder, here's a brand-new theatrical trailer for Ahnold's trip to Mars to promote an upcoming U.K. theatrical run.

The film will get a brief re-run in some U.K. theaters to promote the Blu-ray release of the original 1990 version of the film on July 31, and the studio has actually cut a new trailer for the event, which proves that even 22 years later, this flick is still pretty awesome.

After being reminded of how much fun the original Recall was, Len Wiseman and company definitely have their work cut out for them to make a worthy reboot.

Check out the new trailer below, and a bit of warning—this clip is NSFW, as it briefly shows off the famed three-breasted woman:

The new Total Recall opens Aug. 3.


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