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Tequila company cheekily takes dig at Ryan Reynolds' gin business… in Deadpool-shilling ad

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Apr 24, 2018, 3:09 PM EDT (Updated)

Deadpool 2’s marketing has been... well, weird doesn’t even begin to describe it. Whether it’s creating a Twitter account for a regular guy cast in the movie and joining the X-Force or shamelessly hocking frozen dinners, Deadpool 2 takes the traditional idea of purchased ads and product placement and shouts it right in your face.

Which direction this step for movie-based capitalism is heading is up for debate, but at least Deadpool is open about his backings. It’s transparency in funding from the least likely source, especially when the superhero jabs at his own actor — Ryan Reynolds. That’s what happened when the character (yes, the character) was named "Creative Director for Culture ‘n Stuff" for Espolòn tequila. Effectively, that means the superhero will be appearing in ads for the liquor — which isn’t as odd as the Bob Ross parody or the special issue of Good Housekeeping — and will keep the costs down for Fox as they push for the film’s sequel to be as big a surprise hit as the first.

In the release, Deadpool razzes Reynolds for his recent purchase of a gin company, saying that “there is absolutely no reason why that Canadian gobstopper is getting all the glory. I’m a legit superhero. He’s just some guy who’s famous thanks to those two girls and that pizza place” — name-checking Reynolds' erstwhile TV show. That’s after admitting he’s doing this because he “needed the money.” He concluded with a similar sentiment, saying, “The first check from Espolòn cleared, so I guess this is happening.”

Is breaking the fourth wall in an advertisement as amusing and refreshing as breaking it in a feature film or comic? It certainly feels more truthful, even if the end result is the same. In any case, Deadpool continues to solidify itself as a franchise that will go out of its way to break through tradition while still, well, adhering to many of them. But at least the conflict of liquor interests is being acknowledged here. Gin and tequila? Pick a side, Reynolds.

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