Who fan with cancer hopes you'll create a TARDIS urn for his ashes

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Dec 16, 2012

There's something special about sci-fi and fantasy that seems to unite people in strong bonds of friendship and, sometimes, even true love. So there's something extremely touching—and infinitely sad—about the story of a young couple who are looking for a TARDIS urn for the young man's ashes.

Kevin "Wash" Pratt and Tashi King are a loving young couple who met and married while sharing their love of sci-fi, comic books and everything Joss Whedon with each other.

Tashi, a young woman of 25 with Asperger syndrome, has recounted on her blog the story of how they met, how their first date was spent watching Serenity and how Kevin introduced her to steampunk, Watchmen and Doctor Who.

She also tells about how Kevin understood and respected how the Asperger made her different, and recounted the many times they attended comics conventions together and how they proposed to one another.

However, within a few weeks of their wedding, Kevin sadly began to display some strange symptoms that would lead to the kind of diagnosis no one ever wants to hear: It was a brain tumor. Specifically, it was gliobastloma multiforme, which is an especially aggressive form of brain cancer that sadly kills most patients within a year of diagnosis.

Here's what Tashi wrote in a post to Regretsy (which has also put out a call for an artist or sculptor to create a custom urn -- they also plan to pay with their own funds).

My husband is one of the biggest geeks/Browncoat/Sci-Fi lovers I have ever had the privilege to know. He is also 27 years old and dying of a terminal brain cancer. He's managed hang on for 28 months with a cancer that kills more than 95% within 9-12 months. However, he has been degrading in his condition and was placed on Home Hospice Care in January of this year. I am writing to you to try and fulfill a wish of his; after he passes my husband wants to have a portion of his cremains kept in a TARDIS urn.

Tashi doesn't know how long her husband has left. It could be anywhere from three months to only a few weeks, but she hopes to be able to fulfill her husband's dying wish soon.

You can head here, where friends of both Tashi and Kevin have set up a donation site where they accept funds for "rent, general expenses, end-of-life care, medical bills, and memorial costs." You can also head over to Tashi's touching blog to keep updated on Kevin's health.

We know that there are no words in the world that can make things better for the young couple. All we can say is how deeply their story has just touched us.

(via Comics Alliance)

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