Terminator cast shot footage for movie-themed ride at Six Flags

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Jul 4, 2015, 3:59 PM EDT

Moon Bloodgood, who plays Blair Williams in Terminator Salvation, and co-star Common filmed safety warnings in character for the movie-themed roller coaster at the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Southern California, she told reporters last week.

"It's one of those, without being cheesy, like, 'Buckle up. Don't put your arms out the windows,'" Bloodgood said in a group interview a week ago in Beverly Hills, Calif. "I have an M-16, and I'm telling the hunter-killer, 'Get away from that!' I don't know. I hope it works all together. I'm like, 'Barnes, are you there? Over? Are you there?' Then we're like, 'Have a Coke and hot dog after you leave.'"

Bloodgood and Common shot the pre-ride footage at Six Flags Magic Mountain in April.

Common, who plays Barnes in the film and the ride, had trouble performing his pre-ride segments. "That day was difficult for me shooting, because I didn't really learn the script as well as I should have," Common admitted. "I was there that day just trying to learn my lines. I said it's probably some of the worst acting I've ever done."

To shoot the ride videos, the actors had to hold their own cameras, taking on the job of Terminator Salvation cinematographer Shane Hurlburt (the man famously screamed at by star Christian Bale). "We had to hold the camera, though, so we had to act and then be getting Shane's angle," Bloodgood said. "I was like, 'That's three jobs I've got to do right now.' I think it'll be cool."

In addition to covering the safety basics, Common had movie story to advance. "It was a lot of Terminator jargon to learn, and a lot of pages, too," he said. "I'm excited that they have a ride, because I know it's something that'll be there forever. People will be going on that ride and they'll see us in the line.

Terminator Salvation opens May 21. The ride opens May 23.