Terminator getting a reboot from James Cameron, Deadpool's Tim Miller

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May 3, 2017, 1:23 PM EDT (Updated)

It’s been a long time since we had a good Terminator movie, but original director James Cameron is finally looking to right the ship — and he's bringing Deadpool’s Tim Miller along for the ride.

Deadline reports Cameron is "godfathering" a new Terminator film that will be likely be helmed by Miller. The project is described as a "reboot and conclusion," though there's been no word as to the creative approach of the story — or which sequels (if any, past Terminator 2) it will actually reference as canon.

Producer David Ellison (Terminator Genisys) is reportedly leading an "exploratory effort," reaching out to talented sci-fi writers to try to generate ideas for where the story should go.

(Whatever they do, don't forget the rights to the franchise revert back to Cameron in 2019.)

The Terminator franchise has been a mess for years, and no sequel has ever managed to capitalize on the promise and success of Cameron's first two films. In the years since, we've seen three different sequels all looking to put their own spin on the franchise — with none of them actually finding any critical momentum (or success).

Whatever James Cameron does next, you almost certainly have to assume he won't be following the mish-mashed narrative introduced in Genisys and will instead go back to basics with the concept.

Heck, if they're really smart, just make a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles movie. That's what we all want anyway, right?

(Via Deadline)