Terminator rights going to auction. Got $200 million?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

If you hated Terminator Salvation and thought you could make a better movie in your sleep, well, here's your chance: Rights to the franchise are up for sale, and all you need is a cool $200 mil.

According to DailyFinance.com:

The rights to the franchise are being sold by Halcyon Company, the production company behind Terminator Salvation, the latest iteration in the series, which grossed $380 million worldwide. The two most recent films failed to garner the acclaim of the first two films, which struck a chord with many fans who saw the series as a metaphor for humanity's increasing reliance on computers and technology.

The last movie, as you recall, was directed by Charlie's Angels' McG and starred a ranting and raving Christian Bale and a glowering Sam Worthington. The film featured cool visual effects but left a lot of fans cold.

If you want to snap up the rights, though, you'd better get your cash together: All the big film studios have expressed interest, with Sony Pictures a leading contender.