Terminator Salvation producer teases R-rated version that never was

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Dec 17, 2012

Most would agree that Terminator Salvation had its faults. Considering the talent—Christian Bale, McG, Sam Worthington—the potential was definitely there for a hit, but for whatever reason, it didn't deliver. The film's producer, Victor Kubicek, thinks he knows why: that darn teen-friendly rating.

When asked by TheArnoldFans.com, Kubicek said he regrets the decision to aim for a PG-13 rating, as opposed to a more mature R that could have opened the movie up for some harder storylines.

"I think the PG-13 rating may have hurt the film, but I guess we will never know. In hindsight, there are things I miss about the movie that didn't end up on screen that would have certainly been prevalent in the R version of this story, but hey, you can't go back in time, right?" he said. "I will say, however, that there are things I miss about the movie we made/wanted to make that did not end up on screen and I do regret that a bit because in hindsight I think Terminator fans missed it too. And trust me, we tried."

One storyline, for example, would have focused more on the Terminator/human hybrids. Kubicek says those scenes would have served as a commentary on how humanity is becoming more and more reliant on computers and technology. But they wound up on the writing room floor instead.

"Imagine looking down on a verdant golf course surrounded by perfect homes and manicured lawns only to realize everything is synthetic and the people who live there are hybrids," he said. "The whole hybrid world and the real threat of how quickly a world can go from natural to synthetic, as we are seeing in our own lives today, is a fascinating and prescient theme that did not end up on screen. The Terminator mythology is still powerful today because the underlining threat of technology taking over or turning against us or having a negative impact on the planet's health is more real than ever."

Sound off: Do you think the decision to go PG-13 was part of what (creatively) doomed Terminator Salvation?

(Comic Book Movie via TheArnoldFans.com)

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