Terminator: TSCC creator addresses odds of a Kickstarter revival

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Mar 19, 2013, 10:23 AM EDT (Updated)

The folks behind Veronica Mars have shown that fan love really can bring a show back to life, and it has sci-fi fans clamoring for campaigns to save a few of their favorite series. So what are the odds for a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles revival?

Not good, at least according to series creator Josh Friedman. After being blasted with questions from fans hoping the crowdfunding service might be able to bring the beloved series back for a third season (or at least a movie), Friedman took to Twitter to give his final answer.

Sadly, the Veronica Mars model doesn't work for everyone:

Once you break down the economics, it makes sense. The rights issues surrounding the franchise border on ridiculous, and it’s a miracle the show even made it on the air to start with. Plus, as Joss Whedon has already pointed out, sci-fi is a lot more expensive than a more traditional drama like Veronica Mars.

Sorry, folks: It looks like we’ll never know how that epic cliffhanger would’ve played out.

(Via Digital Spy)

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