Terminator: TSCC creator returning to TV for new robot series

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Jul 4, 2015

After two all-too-brief seasons on his series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Josh Friedman has become a cult hero to a certain set of genre fans. Now the mind behind John Connor's small-screen adventures is coming back for a new robot-centric series.

Friedman has teamed up with Homeland and Awake producer Howard Gordon for an untitled NBC crime drama set in a world where humanoid-style robots are commonplace.

Here is the Isaac Asimov-esque description, via Deadline:

"[A] thriller soap set in a world much like ours, where human-looking robots are commonplace. After a routine homicide explodes into the first robot-on-human murder, the lead detective must solve the case and investigate a growing robot rebellion while dealing with the impact on his own fractured family."
It's definitely a high-concept pitch, but if anyone can pull off a layered, dense drama like this it's Friedman and Gordon. It could admittedly be a tough sell for a general audience, but it sounds like it could be spectacular if done well.

The project is currently in the script phase, so we won't know more until NBC gets a look at the final pilot script and makes a decision from there.

Sound off: Would you like to see this series make the cut?

(Via Deadline)

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