Terminator Salvation's McG to ask Linda Hamilton to do voice-over

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

McG confirmed some rumors and shot down others about his upcoming Terminator Salvation in an exclusive interview with SCI FI Wire and other comments after he screened footage from the movie in the latest stop—Los Angeles—in Warner Brothers' road show whistle-stop tour, among them:

•He intends to talk with original Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton soon about providing a voice-over narration—based on the tapes we see her recording for son John at the end of James Cameron's 1984 original Terminator—to open and close the movie. "We're in the business of doing that right now," McG said. "So we'll see what happens. She seems to be very supportive of the film. I look forward to showing it to her in about a week or so." He added: "The tapes that she left for her son to be aware of what it was going to take to win the war, those are the tapes that are going to bring us in and out of the picture."

•He intends to incorporate themes from Brad Fiedel's original Terminator score in Danny Elfman's music for the movie, clearing up confusion over early reporting about Elfman's participation. That would include the signature "DUN-dun-dun DUN DUN" rhythmic theme. "We use a great deal of Brad Fidel's original theme. See, I love it," he said.

•He plans to screen the film for California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger soon and to get his blessing. Rumors have circulated that McG would somehow incorporate Schwarzenegger's image or face into the film, perhaps as the embodiment of the T-800 Terminator cyborg; McG wouldn't address those rumors.

On Wednesday at the Directors Guild of America theater in Hollywood, McG screened four segments from the film: a short introduction to the post-Judgment Day world of 2018, in which we meet the main characters Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin), Marcus (Sam Worthington) and John Connor (Christian Bale); an extended early action sequence in which Sam, Kyle and a small girl encounter survivors in a gas station, then find themselves caught up in a battle with a gigantic Harvester robot; a sequence in which Connor's helicopter comes under attack by aquatic Hydrobot robots and he confronts Marcus; and a final extended trailer in which we glimpse the scope and size of McG's envisioning of the Terminator world.

The footage garnered generally favorable reactions from the assembled press, and though the footage featured temporary visual effects, they were effective in conveying the epic scale, movement, look and intensity of McG's movie.

SCI FI Wire will post more about the footage and McG's comments soon.