Terminator Salvation's Moon Bloodgood on being topless

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

At WonderCon on Saturday, Terminator Salvation director McG asked the crowd whether they'd like to see star Moon Bloodgood go topless in the movie, apparently a question about whether the film should shoot for a PG-13 rating or an R, as hoped by fans.

The crowd, naturally, favored the latter.

What does the actress herself think? Speaking after the panel, she was unabashed.

"It's a really pretty shot. ... I'm actually being really serious," Bloodgood said in a group interview. "I wouldn't have done it, first of all, ... if I felt uncomfortable. Secondly, it wasn't a sexual thing. I mean, obviously it's a sexual thing. But it was like a silhouette, and there's rain, and it's a moment where I'm just like, I'm drawn to this man and I just don't care anymore. Like, if you see me, see me naked, see my vulnerabilities, see my emotions, see my body. ... I just want him to see me."

Clearly, Bloodgood has no problems with the shot. "It just depends on if it's PG-13 or rated R," she said.