Terra Nova drops, Person of Interest jumps and 13 other shows

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

It might seem like we'd be done talking about TV so close to the holidays by now, but no. Some shows are forgetting that a holiday is even going on and moving right on through with new episodes, while others are still wrapping up their midseason goings-on.

This week Terra Nova took a fall in the lead-up to its season finale, American Horror Story continued to rule Wednesday nights despite a drop, and Person of Interest finished the year strong.

Check out our chart above and the commentary below to see how your favorite genre shows are doing in Live + Same Day ratings.


Terra Nova (FOX) 6.88 million viewers/2.1/6 share

With just a week to go before its first season closes, Terra Nova took a slump it definitely could have lived without. It only dropped one-10th of a ratings point, and it held its share from last week, but falling below 7 million viewers once again doesn't look good. Producers are still hoping for a second season, but unless the finale can reclaim some higher numbers, they might be running out of luck.


American Horror Story (FX) 2.58 million viewers/1.4

American Horror Story dipped a bit again, but still topped Wednesday night's ratings race on cable. With the season finale looming, this show still looks to be in good shape. All that's left is to finish strong.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - REPEAT

Big Bang Theory is done for 2011, but there's nothing up in the air here. It's a hit, it keeps being a hit, and it likely won't stop being a hit anytime soon.

Person of Interest (CBS) 12.93 million viewers/2.8/8 share

Person of Interest enjoyed a spike with its midseason finale, picking up its highest viewership and share since September. That's definitely a good way to ring in the new year.

The Vampire Diaries (CW) - REPEAT

The Vampire Diaries is done for the year, and the question now is whether it can hold on to the little bit of momentum it was riding when it ended 2011. We'll see in 2012.

The Secret Circle (CW) - REPEAT

Another CW show that picked up momentum just as it was ending for the year. But The Secret Circle hasn't enjoyed the same numbers that Vampire Diaries has, so it's hoping for more than just maintenance. It's hoping for a spike.


A Gifted Man (CBS) - REPEAT

A Gifted Man might be canceled eventually, but right now it's just waiting to return in 2012 and see if it can do better. But even if it does, it might be too little, too late.

Chuck (NBC) 3.21 million viewers/0.9/3 share

Chuck slipped a bit off its spike last week, but it's still holding on to more than 3 million viewers a week. This is one show that won't take a holiday break, so it'll be interesting to see how it holds together amid all the holiday chaos, especially since it's a Friday show.

Fringe (FOX) - OFF

Fringe is done for the year. Now we wait to see if 2012 will be any better than 2011.

Grimm (NBC) 5.15 million viewers/1.5/5 share

Grimm finished 2011 on a Friday night, and all the confusion over what night it's on didn't seem to hurt it much. It lost only a little in terms of viewers and one-10th of a ratings point. The problem is the numbers weren't that high to begin with. If Grimm can't pick up some stronger numbers in 2012, it could be in for major trouble.

Supernatural (CW) - REPEAT

Supernatural is just waiting for its 2012 return, and the chance to get some better numbers going. They haven't exactly been dismal this year, but they could definitely stand to be better.

Clone Wars (TOON) - OFF

Clone Wars has fought its last battle for 2011, and it's a bit hard to chart just how well it did. The numbers jumped all over the place, but they never went too low. We'll see if things get easier to read next year.

Sanctuary (Syfy) 1.28 million viewers/0.3

Sanctuary lost a few viewers leading up to its two-part season finale. It wouldn't be a major concern except for the fact that the first part of the finale airs Dec. 23, not exactly optimum time to make sure people are watching TV. We'll see if the numbers can hold up through the holidays.


The Walking Dead (AMC) - OFF

The Walking Dead is done for the year, and there's nothing but good news to report. Let's hope 2012 is just as strong.

Once Upon a Time (ABC) - REPEAT

Once Upon a Time is also done for the year, just as it was beginning to slump. Maybe the momentum of a 2012 return can jar those numbers out of their dive, but Once was definitely beginning to lose viewers quickly.

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