Terra Nova's showrunner promises: All questions will be answered

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

Terra Nova now has two episodes under its belt, and it's already raised a number of intriguing questions for its first season. But according to the series' showrunner, this isn't going to be another Lost. On Terra Nova, questions get answered.

The show's first three episodes brought with them a number of mysteries left to be solved by the show's writers, among them who might be behind the nefarious splinter group called the Sixers, and just what the Terra Nova pilgrims are going to do about all those dinosaurs. It's a perfect environment to generate series-long conspiracies, but showrunner Rene Echevarria says that's not how they do things on this show.

"We decided early on, let's not play that withholding game," Echevarria says. "We explain everything that we tee-up this year."

When it comes to the question of the dinosaurs, it's not just about how to deal with them directly, but how the opposing groups in the series will ethically handle the problem. Executive producer Brannon Braga said it's likely to be a "huge bone of contention" between the Sixers and Terra Nova's Commander Taylor (Stephen Lang).

"The philosophy is to not make the same mistakes we made the first time around, and that includes maiming and killing animals," Braga said.

Echevarria also weighed in on the dinosaur question, and said that whatever happened with the creatures in the past is "definitely an underlying mystery that will be solved."

There's also the pending arrival of yet another group of Terra Nova settlers on the horizon, who Echevarria says will bring with them another set of developments, including some answers as to just who's behind the Sixers.

We've all heard sci-fi series creators promise answers and then just leave us with even more questions. Can Terra Nova deliver on the promise of answering all these questions in its first season?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)