Terrific (spoof) trailer for next game-based blockbuster: Tetris!

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Marc Bernardin
Jul 4, 2015

Apparently, Hollywood will make movies out of any damned thing. Comic books, board games, even Stretch Armstrong. So the idea of someone taking that most elemental shape-sorting videogame and making a Michael Bay-style invasion movie isn't that far from reality. Which is what makes it so perfect.

The spin-around pan, the shadows falling over upturned faces, the pretty girl's hair billowing in slow motion: This parody from filmmaking trio Warialasky has all of the Baytastic beats down.

And in a world where someone will spend $200 million to make a Battleship movie, the question must be asked: Is this really a spoof, or the shape of things to come?

(Via Den of Geek)