Terrifying teaser for a Godzilla movie we can only dream about

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Dec 15, 2012

If you still haven't recovered from that time you saw Roland Emmerich's regrettable Godzilla reboot, here's something to wash it out of your brain—a couple of minutes of Godzilla the way it's supposed to be. But unfortunately, it looks like a couple of minutes is all we're gonna get.

Once you watch the clip below, you'll wish, just as we do, that this taste was an appetizer for a full-length movie to come. Sadly, it's only a dream sequence being experienced by a Godzilla-loving character in the Japanese comedy Always Zoku Sanchome no Yuhi (which translates as Always: Sunset on Third Street 2).

Check it out below, but be warned—once you see it, you'll be wanting more.

(via The Geek Twins)

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