Terrorists attack in 1st look at 6 pages from Winter Soldier prequel comic

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:05 AM EDT (Updated)

We still have to wait a few months to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but we have a first look at the official prequel comic that reveals what Cap has been up to in the meantime.

Dubbed Captain America: Homecoming, the one-shot will follow Cap and Black Widow as they visit Steve Rogers’ old neighborhood and get involved in trying to battle a group of terrorists. The comic, which holds the rare distinction of being set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is being written by Van Lente and drawn by Tom Grummett.

From what we can see, it looks like the comic will establish more of Cap and Black Widow’s budding friendship as  S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives — and provide ample opportunity for the duo to kick butt and take names while we wait for the Winter Soldier to surface.

Here’s how Lente described the story in a chat with Newsarama:

“In this story, Steve Rogers takes Natasha to the Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up. A lot has changed there since Steve was a kid in the 1930s, but the walk down memory lane is interrupted when a terrorist strike happens while they’re there. The question of whether it happens because they were there or not is a question readers will have to wait until they read the issue to find out.”

Marvel’s effort to create MCU-set comics to connect into the films is a neat, albeit obvious, move that serves as a great jumping-in point for non-comic fans. Plus, it provides the die-hards a nice connection to the films we’re dying to see.

The one-shot comic lands in April, right around the film’s April 4, 2014, opening date. 

(Via Newsarma)

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