Terry Gilliam admits he's not a fan of superhero films

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May 28, 2020, 3:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Visionary director and former Monty Python’s Flying Circus member Terry Gilliam is not a fan of superhero films. In an interview with CineNando promoting his latest film, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (which, yes, for those of you who have been following that drama or have at least seen Lost in La Mancha, has at least finally been made), the 12 Monkeys and Time Bandits director talked about finally completing his passion project, filmmaking in general and the #MeToo movement. 

Then the subject of superhero films came up, and Gilliam had this to say: “I hate superheroes. It’s bulls**t. Come on, grow up! We’re not going to be teenagers for the rest of our lives.”

He elaborated: “It’s great to dream of great powers. Superheroes are all about power. That’s what I don’t like about superheroes. They’ve gotta beat the other powerful superheroes. Come on, a bit of peace, love, and understanding is what we need.”

So, we guess it’s safe to assume we shouldn’t expect to see Gilliam helm any of the Phase 4 Marvel movies. The interview is below. His quote about superhero films is around the 3:48 mark. 


And, remember: this is coming from the director who once tried to direct a film adaptation of Watchmen. We guess Gilliam has gotten that superhero fatigue that Avatar director James Cameron speculated on in April.

Now before all the fans of superhero films round up the pitchforks and form an angry mob, perhaps let’s consider that maybe there’s some merit to being against the idea of might making right or that to be virtuous, one must be physically violent?

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