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Terry Gilliam still doesn't like superhero movies, but he does have an exception: Infinity War

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Nov 11, 2019, 2:54 PM EST (Updated)

Despite Thanos' penchant for death and destruction, he was still able to make Terry Gilliam smile. 

During an appearance at an event in Spain, the Monty Python alum doubled down on the comments he made in January about not caring much for superhero movies. Nevertheless, he also added that he was willing to make an exception for Avengers: Infinity War.

“I agree with you, they’re boring. I mean, they’re repetitive,” said Gilliam. “They’re technically brilliant. The work is amazing. There’s some very good actors working. There’s some wonderful moments in [them]. But to me, it’s the same film. I keep watching the same film... The Avengers, the last one with Josh Brolin as the bad guy, I quite liked that movie. I've been watching a lot of Oscar screeners and I was getting more and more bored and suddenly, something came along and it made me smile."

While Gilliam didn't elaborate on what he liked so much about the movie, it could have something to do with its ending, which subverted the cliche of the good guys always winning. It's very possible that Gilliam was very pleased with the fictional death of half of all life in the universe after Thanos snapped his Infinity Gauntlet'd fingers. Allowing the Mad Titan to get away with his insane plan was meant to silence the naysayers who find these movies too repetitive and predictable.

"For years, leading up to the release of that ending, people were going, 'These movies are predictable. The good guy always wins.' And for years I was thinking, 'Just wait,' " Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige recently told Empire.

Gilliam, meanwhile, went on to explain that his dislike of superhero movies has a lot do with the fact that they shift budgets away from other projects and also detract from films that spotlight ordinary individuals, even if those individuals go on to do something larger than life.

"It bothers me that people are so desperate to believe in superheroes rather than real people doing extraordinary things," The Man Who Killed Don Quixote director said. "[Superhero movies] don't interest me. I really don't watch most of them, but if I do, I kind of feel envious because some of the people working on those films are really good, much better that I could ever be... I think the problem is that so much money is going into those films, there's no money left for the middle-range budgets of films. Either you make a film for less than $10 million, or more than $100 [million]. All that middle area is not being funded and that's sad."

The sequel to Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, opens in theaters everywhere April 26. Do you think Gilliam will be sitting front row on opening weekend? Sound off in the comments!

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