Terry Gilliam says he's working on a Time Bandits TV series

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Nov 9, 2016, 2:32 PM EST

While we wait for Terry Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (which Gilliam hopes will start filming in April), there’s an interesting bit of Gilliam news that may just make your day.

The Monty Python actor revealed that he’s currently working on a TV remake of one of his most popular fantasy films: Time Bandits. Yes, you read that right. A Time Bandits TV series is in the works! Gilliam let slip that little gold nugget during a live webchat with The Guardian for his new book Gilliamesque: A Pre-posthumous Memoir. Here’s the tidbit:

“We are involved in two possibilities - one, a TV series based on Time Bandits, another based on a script Richard LaGravenese and I wrote after Fisher King, called The Defective Detective.”

Co-written and directed by Terry Gilliam and released in 1981, Time Bandits boasted an excellent cast in Sean Connery, John Cleese, Shelley Duvall, Ralph Richardson, Katherine Helmond, Ian Holm, Michael Palin, Peter Vaughn and David Warner.

The movie followed the time-traveling adventures of an 11-year-old history buff named Kevin (Craig Warnock) who, one night, stumbles on six dwarves (Randall, Fidgit, Strutter, Og, Wally and Vermin) coming out of his wardrobe. These dwarves happen to be former workers of the Supreme Being (Ralph Richardson) who have stolen a map that charters all the holes in the space-time fabric, using it to hop from one historical era to the next in order to steal riches.

Throughout the movie, they meet various historical and fictional characters including Napoleon Bonaparte (Ian Holm), Robin Hood (John Cleese) and King Agamemnon (Sean Connery) — even ending up on the Titanic — until the Supreme Being catches up to them. Now, doesn’t that sound like the perfect basis for a TV series? Can we all cross our fingers?

Terry Gilliam also explained what The Defective Detective is all about, saying: “It's about a middle aged New York cop who was once a hero who has grown fat and cynical and is in the middle of a breakdown, ending up in a child's fantasy world where the rules of the mean streets of New York no longer apply. The best way to kill a dragon is no longer a gun, but a tree branch you think is a sword." There you have it. What do you think of a possible Time Bandits TV series?

(via Digital Spy)