Texans: get out and vote (Huckabee edition)

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Mar 3, 2008

I may have mention the dangerously deranged Mike Huckabee in a post or two in the past. Amazingly, even though he literally cannot win the nod to be the Republican candidate for President, his influence far exceeds his grasp.

It is being theorized that he may bring far-right religious people to the voting booths as a way for them to express their dislike for McCain (one of the few things I agree with them on, though perhaps for different reasons -- and I'll have more on this soon, oh yes I will). Because of the goofiness that is Texas politics, this means that the school board elections may be swayed; getting more fundamentalists to the polls may make it easier for creationists to

lie make their way onto the board. This has national ramifications, as Texas has a big influence on textbook sales.

PZ has more, as does Time magazine.

Bottom line: REALITY-BASED TEXANS, GET OUT AND VOTE TOMORROW, and vote on the school board!

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