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Nov 22, 2006

I like Ze Frank. His vlog is very popular because it's funny, and because it's snarky, and because he so often speaks truth.

Yeah, and so?

I've been running around like a madman recently with way, way too much on my plate. At some point in the future I'll give y'all a rundown on the projects I'm trying to do, but it'll have to wait until

1) They fail,

2) They succeed, and I'm allowed to talk about them, and/or

3) I have time to talk about them because I'm too busy with so many projects to actually talk about the projects keeping me busy.

But I still come back to this blog. When I'm really busy and I blow it off, I feel bad. I like to chat about this stuff, and given how many people read it, I guess you like to hear it too. That's not bragging, really, it's just a fact.

I like facts. They're easier to deal with than the other stuff, and they have the benefit of being true.

But where I'm headed with this is that without the readers, without the BABloggees, I'd be blogging into a vacuum. People send me tips and they send me jokes, they send me outrage at the latest pilfering of truth by some fathead antiscience goofball, they send me praise, they send me damnation. I also get logos, and website suggestions, and offers for a website redesign (which I try not to take personally), and offers to talk at a local museum, and offers for ways in which I can stop talking about politics and religion, and offers that really, are just someone's way of wanting to help out. There's so much coming in, and I have so little time to answer it all, let alone even some of it. But I appreciate it, all of it.

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the U.S. It's a pretty good idea for a holiday (even if the actual history of it is probably as screwed up as most other American holidays). Just a time to sit back and say, hey. Thanks.

And here's where Ze Frank comes up again. The man is a good writer, a really good one. So listen to what he has to say about Thanksgiving, and giving thanks. And when you sit back this holiday, remember what he said, and remember to actually do what the name of the holiday says. And it's OK to actually mean it, too.

I do.


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