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Nov 22, 2007

Today in America is the annual Thanksgiving holiday, where we reflect for a moment (our albedo is high but transient) on where we are, how we got here, and to whom we are thankful.

My list, as usual, is pretty long, but since this is the blog I'll simply thank all of you, the BABloggees. Writing a blog is a weird thing to do, throwing your words out there and seeing what sticks (and never really knowing what will). I'm glad and thankful so many folks read what it is I write, and whether you agree with what I write or not, I want you to know that it's better to know folks are reading it than not reading it. I'd always rather a have good, thoughtful discussion over an issue than be met with silence, even if it's the silence of head-nodding agreement.

Reality is what it is, and while we may not agree on how to interpret it, we can all be thankful there are others out there willing to discuss it.

So: thanks.

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