Thanks, antiscience!

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Jan 9, 2009

Hmmm, maybe I need a "sarcasm" tag for this blog.

1) Thanks, creationists!

A book is coming out with geologists taking on Intelligent Design. Yay! It's not just for biologists anymore. Or the odd astronomer or two.

2) Thanks, Jenny McCarthy!

There has been an unprecedented rise in measles in the UK. And it's not in London, it's in a place where people are not giving their kids MMR vaccines. [Update: I've been told that Thursday night's episode of the show Private Practice took on antivaxxers, and did it pretty well. i don't watch the show, but feel free to discuss it below.]

3) Thanks, homeopathologists!

A study was published saying that 1/3 of people taking homeopathic treatment felt better in the long term, and Reuter's posted a supportive article about it. However, according to Way of the Woo, there was no control, and no explanation offered. So he rephrased the study's conclusion, noting that 32 people died using homeopathic treatment.

That's all the nonsense I can handle for the moment. Maybe I'll post a unicorn picture next as a palate cleanser.

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