Thanos creator Jim Starlin blasts Marvel for shelving character in his new comic

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Jul 11, 2018, 10:15 PM EDT (Updated)

Jim Starlin, the guy who created Marvel’s current big screen big bad Thanos, is once again at odds with the comic company. The latest problem: They’re (apparently) messing with his new comic’s story arc.

Though Starlin has previous taken aim at Marvel over complaints about the company using Thanos without even giving him a heads up (not to mention the fact that he didn’t receive any movie-related compensation for his contributions to the character), the company seemed to be back in his good graces with word that he was working with Marvel on the upcoming Thanos: The Infinity Revelation graphic novel.

But apparently the honeymoon didn’t last too long. Starlin has now posted on Facebook that he’s “not sure what [he’s] going to do” now that he can’t proceed with the Thanos/Adam Warlock story he was working up. The reason? He says Marvel has put a “corporation-wide-no-use restriction” on Adam Warlock, which axed his proposed arc.

Though we don’t know every side of this issue, it could be related to lingering rumors that Adam Warlock might make a surprise cameo in Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. What do you think about this latest fracas?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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