Thanos creator responds to those Avengers 2/Guardians rumors

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Nov 17, 2014, 4:40 PM EST (Updated)

After Marvel pulled back the curtain on the real intergalactic threat with that epic, post-credit scene in The Avengers, fans assumed we’d be seeing more of a certain godlike baddie soon.

Well, it’s been a while now, and the superhero factory is still staying mum on when mighty Thanos might turn up as a major baddie in a future Marvel movie. Most fans have assumed it’d be in Avengers 2, especially considering the fact that he was teased in the first film. But when Marvel ramped up development on Guardians of the Galaxy, the focus shifted to that deep-space tale.

Comic writer and Thanos creator Jim Starlin seemed to shed some light on the proceedings last year when he said off hand that he expected the Mad Titan to be a part of both Phase II films. Not surprisingly, that tidbit was picked up by a whole lot of media outlets, and now Starlin wants to set the record straight: He doesn’t know anything about Marvel’s movie plans, he was just commenting on the popular rumor making the rounds at the time.

Here’s a statement he made on Facebook:

“Setting the record straight: It keeps getting reported that I claimed that Thanos will be in both the upcoming Guardians of the Universe and Avengers II movies. Sort of true but not really. All I said, in some interview way back when, was that I had heard (as in convention scuttlebutt) that the Titan would be in both movies. I have absolutely nothing to do with Marvel films and not all that much with Marvel Comics. So I am no reliable source to quote on anything to do with what's happening in any future Marvel film.”

Fair enough, and now we can all head back to the drawing board and start guessing once again. Considering the setting, it’d make sense for Marvel to set the board with Thanos in Guardians, leading into an all-out war in Avengers 2

But who knows?

What movie would you like to see Thanos return in? 

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