Thanos' MCU origin story will be revealed in upcoming novel

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Apr 17, 2018, 11:43 AM EDT (Updated)

Recently, Avengers: Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo revealed that Thanos’ backstory had been trimmed from the film for time. While those scenes will likely resurface in the future, fans are going to get an opportunity to discover even more intel about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest bad guy to date. 

YA novelist Barry Lyga has written Thanos—Titan Consumed, a new origin story for Marvel’s signature villain. The novel is set long before the events of Infinity War, and it will explore how and why Thanos became a monster who wants to wipe out half of the universe’s population. The book will seemingly be set within the MCU continuity.

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While speaking with io9, Lyga was purposefully vague about how much of Thanos’ comic book origin will remain intact. As envisioned by Thanos’ creator, Jim Starlin, Thanos was one of the Eternals living on Titan and son of the planet’s ruler, Mentor. Lyga also declined to state whether Thanos’ brother, Eros/Starfox, will play a part in the book, but he did say he isn’t concerned with making Thanos sympathetic. Instead, he wants readers to thoroughly understand Thanos’ motivations. 

“It’s less about making him likable and more about making him understandable,” said Lyga. “It’s a pretty big idea to say, ‘Half the universe must die.’ And then it’s a big jump to say, ‘I’m the guy to do it.’ And then bigger to say, ‘Not only must it be done and not only am I the one to do it, but I know I can do it. And here’s how.’”

“I wanted those logical leaps to fall into place,” continued Lyga. “For his path to be so rational and so sensible that you would read the book and say, ‘Well, I personally don’t want to kill half the universe, but I completely understand why Thanos does, and it makes perfect sense, and I don’t see how he could turn out any other way.’ A sense of inevitability, really.”

Thanos—Titan Consumed will hit bookstores on November 20 as a hardcover, an ebook, and an audiobook. 

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