"... that leaves more than 14 million square miles left to explore"

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Dec 10, 2010

When you write something and put it out there into the world, you never know what will happen. It may get an interesting response, or it may drop like a stone off a cliff.

And then sometimes you get something totally unexpected, like when Robert Krulwich wrote about Apollo 11 for NPR, and got a response from someone with some experience about it*.

The response is fantastic, discussing why we need to continue to explore the Moon (see the title of this post!)... and though I have disagreed with the author of that response from time to time, he and I are %100 on the same wavelength here. Go read it.

* It reminds me of when I first wrote about the Moon Hoax. I posted my description of Apollo 16, and how they had a hard time gauging distance on the Moon. A couple of days later, I got an email correcting me about one of the assumptions I had made... and it was from Apollo 16 lunar module pilot Charlie Duke!

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