That time Doctor Who crossed over with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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Aug 26, 2013

Remember that time the Doctor Who universe intersected with Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentleman?

No? Then you weren’t paying close enough attention to the detailed background of the third book in the third volume of the series, Century. In League, Moore and artist Kevin O'Neill take the fictional characters and tropes of the historical period, in this case, London in 2009, and layer it over an action-mystery plot steeped in the occult. Scan the graphic novel a second time: You’ll spot the First and Eleventh Doctors (William Hartnell and Matt Smith) and Torchwood’s Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman). Flip through it a third time and you’ll also catch Peter Capaldi, the actor recently revealed as the 12th incarnation of the universe's most beloved and feared Time Lord.

I’ll try to detail the best bits while spoiling as little a possible.

On one page, the two the main characters, Bram Stoker’s vampiress Mina Harker and Virginia Woolf’s gender-shifting hero Orlando are standing outside King’s Cross station and bemoaning their curses of immortality. Yes, that’s Jack Harkness, in his World War II greatcoat, giving them a glare as if to say, “You don’t even know.”

A couple of panels later, the two Doctors are off to the side, giving sideways glares, then strolling away in their signature styles.

As for Capaldi, Moore couldn’t have known back then that the Scottish actor would be chosen for the role in 2013. But, clearly, he was a fan: He even gave Capaldi a speaking part—a filthy, foul role at that.

Prior to Who, Capaldi starred in the BBC political satire series The Thick of It. The played Malcolm Tucker, the foul-mouthed spin doctor and chief enforcer for the Prime Minister whose insults could bring a member of Parliament to his knees.

During a scene where Orlando is interacting with a wizard in 3-D glasses (just ignore their dialogue), Malcolm Tucker cameos on a news program on the television. Warning—this is about to get nasty.

Anchor: At home, embattled Prime Minister Tom Davis has recalled seasoned fixer Malcolm Tucker to Number 10. We interviewed Mr. Tucker … Mr. Tucker, thanks for coming.

Tucker: It’s an inde-f**king-scribable pleasure, Jon.

Anchor: So, Mr. tucker, are we returning to an era of spin?

Tucker: That depends, Jon, are you deliberately stamping on my c**k?

Anchor: I’m not sure I…?

Tucker: Because if you are, I’ll take that f**king repulsive unicorn-vomit tie, ram it down your throat, and when it emerges from the other end, in a kind of reverse fisting, I’ll use to to floss your alimentary canal. Do I make myself perfectly f**king clear?

Anchor: Mr. Tucker, thank you for coming.

The book is chock-full of pop-culture references fill out the panels, such as posters for Who Dat Ninja? (a Tracy Jordan movie from 30 Rock) and the band Driveshaft (from Lost).

If you’ve read it, what else did you spot?

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