That was no Bigfoot, that was Ka D'Argo—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week (Star Wars double entendre; need we say more?) in case you missed anything. Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: Image of the Day: Cartographer creates actual map of LOST island

Your best comment: I found the web page where these maps are and apparently it was originally done four years ago. The only thing that really bugs me about it is the location of the Black Rock. It is more than halfway across the island from the statue which we now know it crashed into. The wave would have had to have been huge to carry it that far inland. I can't imagine the ship, let alone any crew surviving such a toss!!!— Joe B.

Our story: Image of the Day: Futurama characters turned into The X-Men

Your best comment: Mom as Emma Frost? LOL - and ewwwwww.— dakalmog

Our story: 6 reasons it took 11 years for you to see Toy Story 3

Your best comment: Let's see Sid as a grown up! What does a lifetime of dealing with memories of talking toys do to a person?— Sithboy

Our story: Dad and son build AMAZING backyard Stargate (PICS)

Your best comment: This one is for Small people only or pets— GORT

Our story: Gallery: 18 amazing Star Wars sand sculptures

Your best comment: What, no *sand* people?— YoYo-Pete

Our story: Sam Raimi will reboot the Wizard of Oz for Disney. Really.

Your best comment: Wait! I was so horror-stricken by the headline of this item, that I only skimmed the actual article and didn't realize they were talking about doing a prequel, and not actually redoing Oz itself. So on second thought...

Nope . . . still sucks.— rkf

Our story: Image of the Day: 7 Hayden Panettiere clones in bikinis

Your best comment: This is obviously fake. Everyone knows clones don't have belly buttons.— M

Our story: 27 Star Wars references that are also sexual references

Your best comment: Just recently a friend pointed out to me... the first time Wickett sees Leia laying in the foilage of Endor, he prods her with his spear and says "chocha."— Wickett is Pimp

Our story: 22 ordinary things that look like the Starship Enterprise (PICS)

Your best comment: The golf putter is actually supposed to look like the Enterprise. The putter grip actually says 'NCC-1701'. It's a limited edition putter from Odyssey.— codemonkey

Our story: OMG--Patrick Stewart gets MEAN at this awards show!

Your best comment: Watching that was as uncomfortable as a Borg giving a prostate exam... —startrekker

Our story: First look at the Battlestar Galactica: Online trailer!

Your best comment: So Pay We All!!! So Pay We All!!! — granddiggy

Our story: Man claims he fought Bigfoot, chased the beast off with a stick trailer!

Your best comment: It was Ka D'Argo. Just look at the drawing.— Deadlegs