That 'Charlie bit my finger' viral video gets a zombie makeover

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Dec 14, 2012

Did you ever see that viral video called "Charlie Bit My Finger?" (You certainly should have by now—it currently has 319,312,987 views on YouTube!) It features a baby who "innocently" takes a bite out of his brother's hand. We all laughed when it first happened, but guess what? Charlie's back ... and he's a frakkin zombie!

A director named Jeff Chan has created a short horror movie based on little Charlie and his home video. In this version, Charlie's a grown man trapped in a Left 4 Dead situation. His family and friends are holed up in a house, and they're surrounded by fast, hungry zombies.

Charlie tries to save his loved ones from the walking dead (yeah, we went there), but he gets turned into one. And it's all downhill from there. The video's only about a minute and a half long, and it's more entertaining than some feature-length movies.

Charlie Bit My Finger—The Horror has action, gore, suspense and awesome direction. If you're a fan of POV games and films, you'll love it! We'd pay to see an extended version of this in theaters.

And if you haven't seen the original viral video, check it out below.

So—are you a fan of the new and improved Charlie?

(via Bad Ass Digest)